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DJ Khaled and Get Schooled at MTV

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Father’s Day is here, and it’s time to celebrate all of the wonderful dads out there.

From new papas like Chance the Rapper and John Legend, to veterans like Diddy and The Game, there are so many great examples of dope celebrity daddies.

One ol’ man we’ve got to give it up to is DJ Khaled. Ever since his adorable son Asahd was born, he’s been all about raising the little guy and making sure he’s the happiest kid on the planet. Asahd has been introduced to every and any celebrity who matters, he frequently hits the studio with his pops, and was even named Executive Producer of Khaled’s forthcoming project Grateful, a star-studded album that promises to be the DJ’s best yet. The hardworking tot is already set for life.

“I love you so much. You’re a don. You’re a boss. You’re an icon. You’re a legend. You’re the greatest that ever did it. You’re my son,” DJ Khaled says with Asahd in his arms in the video below — and it’s just as funny as it is heartwarming and cute.

Great dads don’t always get the love they deserve on Father’s Day. So celebrate by shouting out a cool dad you love and checking out our dedication gallery to the famous daddies below.

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