Now we truly understand why 50 is over G-Unit. He's in his television bag. 

Xzibit clarifies The Game's story about finding out he is not originally from Los Angeles.

The beef between The Game and 50 Cent is well known and documented. As for now, the two rappers seemed to have moved past their problems. But at one point, Hip-Hop fans thought they would have taken their issues off wax and into the streets. Fearing we would have another repeat of Biggie and Tupac, […]

When Nipsey Hussle lost his life due to an act of senseless violence, The Game was one of many who took his death pretty hard. Based on the rapper’s Instagram account, one would assume he was very close to Hussle. The “Hate It or Love It” crafter would post about Nipsey almost daily. He even […]


"That set the tone for Doctor’s Advocate & I’ll forever be grateful for his contribution to the city"

Mourning and tributes for the late Nipsey Hussle continue to pour in, as The Game recalled a time where the LA rapper help quell a feud involving Meek Mill. The Compton, Ca. rapper took to Instagram, reminiscing over his slain friend and his “always pure” heart in trying to find the better in his common peers. […]

Rapper The Game is a known basketball fan and clips popping up online of him balling out are nothing new. So it comes as no surprise that he’s participating in this year’s Drew League— a Nike-sponsored league that allows talented celebrities, NBA players during the offseason and anyone else worthy of stepping on the hardwood […]

It’s no secret that many rappers have wanted to be ball players and a whole lot of hoopers want to rock the mic (often with comical results). But then there are those rare athletes with legitimate bars, and a few emcees who can put it down on the basketball court. CASSIUS has assembled an all-star […]

Big up to all the dope daddies out there...