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Cynthia Nixon Lost the NY Democratic Primary.

Sorry, y’all. Looks like we’re stuck with this sh*tty MTA system, as Andrew Cuomo will be serving a third term as New York governor.

“While the result tonight wasn’t what we had hoped for, I’m not discouraged,” Nixon tweeted after primary results were revealed on Thursday night. “We have fundamentally changed the political landscape in this state. This isn’t just a symbolic victory. This campaign forced the Governor to make concrete commitments that will change the lives of people across this state.”

Kyrie Irving Is Heading to Harvard.

It’s never too late to get that higher education. The Boston Celtics point guard will be taking a “Crossover into Business” course this fall, joining fellow athletes Paul Millsap and Martellus Bennet at the esteemed institution.

As the course description reads, the class was designed “to help professional athletes be better prepared for business activities during and after their active sports careers.”

To celebrate, Irving kicked it at the programs kickoff event on Monday, where other athletes from the NBA, NFL and more were in attendance.

If You’ve Ever Wondered What Smoking Weed in Space Would Be Like, Neil deGrasse Tyson Can Tell You.

He tells paparazzi that if you plan to get high in space, you should probably lock yourself in your cabin first.

Watch him explain why below (toward the end of the clip):

Would You Eat at a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Restaurant? Because One Exists.

It opens in Hollywood on September 18, and will be open for *three nights only!!!* The menu includes everything from Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Ranch Wings to a Hot Chocolate Shake.

We’ll just… leave this here—with some TUMS on hand.

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