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A frican Americans are representing in high numbers in social media, gaming, podcasting, and perhaps most important, entrepreneurship. Those are just a few of the many gems Nielsen dropped in,“From Consumers to Creators: The Digital Lives of Black Consumers”​, its eighth study about the spending, lifestyle and media habits of African-Americans. The study’s pivotal finding? African Americans are more than consumers. They are innovators. They are culture-shifters. They are dynamic business leaders.

“This report is my favorite [study]…simply because for the last seven years we have always emphasized the importance of what our consumer buying power looks like, and we still talk about that, but we’re also talking about the shift from being these voracious consumers of media across the board,” says Cheryl Grace, U.S. Strategic Community Alliances & Consumer Engagement at Nielsen. “We’ve literally gone from content consumers to content creators.” From podcasts to online television shows to apps, African Americans are monetizing their genius with a special emphasis on ownership.

NewsOne’s famed host Roland Martin interviewed Grace on Facebook Live for a streamed discussion, “From Consumers to Creators, Nielsen Examines the Digital Habits and Impact of Black Consumers.” In a lively conversation, Grace and Martin cover issues that are enlightening and inspirational. The executive also drops a ton of facts, such as the rapid rate of growth in podcasting (from 2.2 million to 3.6 million people are tuning over the last years), and Nielsen’s findings on what’s now—and next—for Black consumers and creators.


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