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There are levels to drinking.

And according to Dustin, at the very top is Cognac. Or, as we lovingly refer to it—Yak. The fuel to every grown man is his choice of liquor and for those not too familiar with our favorite brown liquor, Dustin is here to give a very informed (and educational) opinion on the three types that should be in your tacky little bar cart at any given time.

First up, is the gold standard that is beloved by (most) people of color is Hennessy because it’s versatile. “You can be in the hood, or you can be where it’s all good. It doesn’t matter because Hennessy will be there,” explains Dustin.  The next step is Remy Martin— the beloved staple of elder statesmen in our community that comes across as a more elegant brown liquor and just tastes good AF.

You’ve probably heard of the first two, but Dustin is definitely getting you to try something new with the third Cognac called Jean-Luc Pasquet. It’s not cheap, especially with your typical 750mL bottle coming in at $80 but if you wanna raise some eyebrows, this is what you cop.

Hey, at least now you know what to order at the bar to make yourself look cool while simultaneously trying not to choke because you hate cognac.

Grown Man Shit, Cognac

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