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Twitter finds Kawhi Leonard's laugh weird and hilarious

Source: Steve Russell / Getty

NBA media day is here, and you know what the means? Yup, it’s almost time for the best professional sports league to return. The Toronto Raptors’ media day is gaining attention over others thanks to its newly acquired star Kawhi Leonard and his enthusiasm or lack thereof.

Since the Toronto Raptors acquired Kawhi Leonard for DeMar DeRozan, who is arguably the best two-way player and defender in the league, his excitement to join the team has been absent. The usually stoic superstar tried his best to show the world he is pumped to be a Raptor even if it’s just for one season, but his poker face is mid at best.

As the videos roll in from the media day, Twitter is having an absolute field day with Kawhi smiling donning his new team’s threads, his dramatic “Irish exit” but it’s his bizarre laugh that we got to hear for the first time that is stealing the show.

Yeah, nobody was expecting that at all, but on the bright side we can definitely update the meme calendar and add Kawhi to it because his laugh is pure comedic gold. Meanwhile, if you’re wondering how his former squad, the San Antonio Spurs are doing post-Kawhi, they are just fine according to all-star LaMarcus Aldridge.

He stated to ESPN’s Mike C Wright that this year’s “Spurs are a more talented team than last year,” and added the team is “happy to turn the page,” while making it perfectly clear he wasn’t there to answer questions about the Kawhi situation. Well then we are so ready for this NBA season, the drama is already here and the storylines are already peeking our interest.

Need any more drama? Keep your eyes on the Minnesota Timberwolves and the fallout with their superstar Jimmy Butler. But for good measure here are a few more hilarious reactions to awkward Kawhi at NBA media day.


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