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Kanye West is either in desperate need of attention or he is willfully ignorant — and either one is seriously problematic.

The sunken place rapper appeared on “SNL” this past weekend, complaining he was being bullied for his beliefs and that we need dialogue, not a diatribe — which was ironic because he was on a diatribe saying people were brainwashed who didn’t think like him. He also said in a tweet we should abolish the 13th Amendment, which ended slavery. However, in his latest rant, he says he is not sure if Abraham Lincoln is Black or white.

When Kanye was approached by TMZ on the street, he jumped at the chance to talk to them, saying with a smile on his face, “TMZ! I love y’all. What’s good, bro?” Then when questioned about his tweet on the 13th Amendment, he went on another diatribe and also brought up Lincoln’s racial identity, saying, “Neither of us are scholars. So Lincoln, that is like conspiracy, some people think that he might have been Black. You’ve heard that? So I can’t say that Lincoln was Black or white.” See below:

If Lincoln had any African ancestry in his background, although there is no proof he did, it does not matter because he was seen and lived as a white man.

TMZ also said he will appear on “TMZ Live” again today, and we all know what happened the last time he made an appearance there…

Ye also promised to release Yandhi on Saturday, a follow-up to June’s Ye, but the album has yet to hit streaming services while West hasn’t offered any reason for the delay.

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