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Culture is only progressive when the sharing of experience is normalized. It has to be a communal effort that connects past generations with new, while further creating space for colleagues to collaborate.

It’s a beautiful experience watching the passage of knowledge happen in real time, which is what you’re getting when you arrive at CultureCon. Stepping into its second year, the one-day conference unites inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs, with the rising class of soon-to-be creative professionals looking to soak up game.

CultureCon offers attendees a full day of panels and workshops full of priceless advice. Whether looking to break onto the scene as a media personality or understand how to navigate the music business, you can catch gems from John Legend, Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee, Nick Cannon, Kela Walker and Gia Peppers. Maybe your love for editorial has you fighting to get your name in the bylines of elite platforms. Let Julee Wilson (Essence), Sylvia Obell (Buzzfeed), or Julian Mitchell (Forbes) show you how it’s done.

Excellence isn’t reserved for those in front of the camera. If your creative energy pours out in the form of original scripts, there are resources waiting for you. Emmy-nominated producers and accomplished writers will be on tap to fill you in on how to maneuver through the world of film and television. None of these professions move forward without the geniuses who build the platforms for our content to exist on. The architects who maintain brands like Broccoli City Festival, Blavity, Squarespace, and Facebook will all be one handshake away.

Aside from prepping attendees on how to break into creative industries, CultureCon offers necessary conversations for aspiring creative professionals. Join in on important dialogue about topics such as being a woman in media, bringing culture to work, and embracing failure.

Grab your tickets and meet us at The Knockdown Center in New York on Saturday, October 13th and make the investment into your future.