It’s the time of year when you’re tired of running around with random people and getting STD checks all the damn time—or so we’ve been told.

Some describe it as cuffing season, while others just call it growing the f*ck up. On this episode, Dustin is attempting to grow up while teaching you all how to act on a first date if you’re looking for something long-term.

And getting your act together starts early, because you’ve gotta get to your date early. Have you ever been awkwardly waiting at a restaurant or bar for a date? Yup, don’t be that guy. But once the date gets underway, remember to always look them straight in the eye. Dustin constantly falls back on an odd squint-and-lick-lips combo, which must be working for him—but that doesn’t mean it’ll work in your favor, so it’s important to know your strengths.

Always remember to acknowledge the awkward moments, even if it’s as crazy as you spilling your entire beer into her entrée. Roll with the punches, and if things are going well, remember to always have a second spot to go to afterward that ISN’T your crib. Dustin’s date with potential bae DioMara obviously went well, so please don’t be thirsty and ask us for her Instagram handle.

Grown Man Shit Dating

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