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Anthony Bourdain Mural Unveiled In Santa Monica

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Bourdain’s Final Work Is, Of Course, a Masterpiece.

Hungry Ghosts is the four-part graphic novel from Anthony Bourdain and novelist Joel Rose. It came out on Oct. 2, and tells the story—among many others—about how a Long Island beach house gets spooky during a game of 100 candles.

Hungry Ghosts is a fittingly haunting last publication for Bourdain, and it should be on your list of scary reads this Halloween regardless of who wrote it,” writes Munchies. And Eater says if you enjoyed Get Jiro!, which was brought to you by the same duo, then Hungry Ghosts is definitely for you.

Curious? Head to Munchies for the full rundown, then get your copy here just in time for Halloween.

Meet the New Classic World Tetris Champion.

His name is Jospeh Saelee, he’s just 16 years old, and he knocked seven-time champ Jonas Neubauer from his throne. It all went down on Sunday during the Classic Tetris World Championships at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in Oregon.

Tap into your nostalgia and watch Saelee’s win below.

A Break from Social Media Isn’t a Bad Idea, Y’all.

Take it form Ariana Grande. The “Sweetener” singer recently announced she’d be unplugging for a while, and now Forbes has a list of reasons why you should probably do the same. Not only does it help you set healthy boundaries for yourself, but it also gives you the space to focus on your goals.

Not sure if you need a break? They’ve also got a list of signs to help you determine if you do. All that aside, sometimes it’s just nice to log out and interact with people. Like, in real life.

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