It all goes down in the DM’s. And one high schooler found out the hard way that trying to make friends with a pro football player by using the N-word doesn’t go down well.

The study, conducted by NordPass, sheds some light on how social media and online banking information are handled by coupled up Americans.

The Milk Crate Challenge is the best thing to happen to Twitter.

Head inside to see the famed "Horse & Carriage" rapper speak on the topic of blocking people and let us know if you think he has a point.

Twitter is taking a very firm stance on stopping the spread of COVID-19 misinformation.

Let's be honest: We're addicted to our devices. There's an app for everything, leading to apps ruling everything about our lives, from how we communicate with family to how we decide what to cook. We need to acknowledge that everything in life requires moderation, so a digital detox might be necessary.

TikTok responded to Trump's claims basically saying aht aht aht, we not going anywhere.

TikTok is currently in the hot seat, and in danger of being banned, Instagram sees this as an opportunity to launch its rival, Reels in the states.