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If your significant other has been hinting (or pressuring) that they need a new Telfar bag to add to the collection, look no further.

Just in time for the holidays, founder Telfar Clemens has launched a new shopping program dubbed “Telfar Gifted,” where when you buy a bag, you gift a free second bag to someone else.

“We’re dropping every bag we have on November 17,” reads the official rules. “But…when you buy a bag, you get to give a bag to someone you love for free.”

The only catch is that you must submit a video between 20 seconds and a minute about the person getting the free bag.

After you submit your video and you’re selected into the gifted program, you buy whatever bag you want on Nov. 17 using the same email and phone number as your video. Within 48 hours of your purchase, you’ll get a code enabling you to get the free bag that you’ve gotta use by Nov. 23. Then, you can expect your bags to be dropped off at your doorstep between Nov. 24 and Dec.15.

The site clarifies that you can’t be greedy, so buying 10 bags doesn’t mean you get 10 freebies.

Unfortunately, the window to submit to the inaugural Telfar Gifted program has closed, and the site blames the short time window of just three hours on Nov. 13 on pesky laws.

“We would have just let everyone who sent a good video give a bag, but NY state law made us add all these time constraints,” reads the explainer.

However, if you get into the fine print, Clemens hints that this isn’t the end of the remixed Buy One Get One offer.

“This is the first of many gifts to come. Because freedom only works when you share it,” one line reads.

The fine print also gives a peek into why the brand launched the program, and it all boils down to it being less about capitalism and more about appreciating the community that welcomes the brand.

“So we need to remind each other from time to time that this exchange does not end with purchase. If it turns into that: a bag in exchange for some money — then we are just another thing on the market,” the page concludes. “Culture is about control over material conditions — not about products. See u in the whirlwind.”