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Remember that Vote or Die campaign that Diddy (or was his name Puff at the time?) was screaming around the country about?

No, it’s not returning, but voting in this year’s midterm elections is important AF. And who better to let y’all know all the rules then Dustin? You may be wondering if you can take him seriously, but he’s wearing a tie, so hell yea you can. We know you’ve been on Twitter lately and clicking on those fake links that lead to voter registration —we got fooled, too—so by now, we hope everyone that’s of age is registered for the big day. And by the big day, we mean election day.

… which is in November. You need to put it in your calendar, or ask Siri to handle it for you.

By the time the day comes, you’ve had enough time to look up the issues that affect you and know where your polling place is. Being fashionably late is the wave for most events, but on election day, all that means is you’ll be standing in a long \-ass line even longer than you anticipated. Also, remember that if you arrive at the polling place by 7 p.m., you have the right to vote—and don’t let anyone tell you any different. You should also be prepared to show ID if your polling place requires it, and don’t be afraid to tell a polling official that sometimes IDs aren’t needed. Again, this all depends on your polling place.

Watch Dustin drop tons of other election day facts up top and get ready to exercise your rights as an American.

Also, enjoy this gif of Dustin getting the computers putin’ for the culture.

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