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The Story of How ODB Recorded His Verse for Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy” Remix Is WIIIIIILD.

If you listen closely, the ODB’s bars for Mariah’s “Fantasy” remix are spliced together. That’s because he literally recorded it line-for-line in between sleeping breaks that were spread out across hours. We’re not kidding.

A 2016 retrospective piece about the stories behind Mariah Carey’s biggest collaborations recently began making it rounds across the internet again. We’re not sure how this missed our radar the first time, but we’re glad it’s here. Cory Rooney (A&R rep on the song) and Nashiem Myrick (engineer) tell quite a tale, and it’s one that can only be appreciated by reading it yourself.

Check it here.

A Mass Shooting at a Local California Bar Has Left 12 Dead & Multiple Injured.

The gunman reportedly rushed into Borderline Bar & Grill in Southern California bar and opened fire on a group of people who were line dancing on Wednesday. He was found dead on the scene after killing 12 people, authorities told CNN.

“It’s unclear whether he took his own life,” CNN reports. “The motive of the attack also is not clear, the sheriff said, and authorities are looking at all possibilities, including it being terror-related.”

This story is still developing.

How Weed Won on Election Day

Women and LGBTQ candidates weren’t the only ones who made history during the midterms. According to Wired, weed also won big, with cannabis being legalized in Utah, Missouri and Michigan. As Wired notes, legalization in more states could mean great news for the entire nation. Because the more states that legalize weed, the better chances we have at dismantling federal prohibition.

“Momentum is gaining for change in Congress to allow states to determine their own marijuana policies,” Morgan Fox, media relations director at the National Cannabis Industry Association, told Wired. “Two thirds of the country wants marijuana to be legal, and politicians are ignoring that at their peril.”

Wired adds that weed’s midterm win could also help states “that have already voted to legalize the drug but remain hamstrung by federal regulation.”

Let’s gooo.

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