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On the latest episode of CasBar we got a chance to pick up the sticks with Cali legend and West Coast rap pioneer Too $hort. With his album, The Pimp Tape, finally hitting your favorite streaming services, we spoke to him about it while playing the classic Street Fighter.

But before we get into that, we gotta make sure folks know the rules:

  1. If Team CASSIUS wins a round, Too $hort has to answer any crazy question we ask. If Too $hort is winning, he gets to plug whatever he wants for 15 seconds.
  2. To make things fair (and speed things up) there will be three rounds.
  3. And, most important: Team CASSIUS better not get its ass kicked.

Off the rip, $hort asks how serious they’re taking the game and what’s at stake—but not too long after, he loses the first round to Mike Wade. $hort then reveals that he never checks his DMs and explains what its like to appeal to a younger generation and the lifelong fans who grew up with him.

He gets a hang of the game in the second round and wins, and tells Wade a moment in his life that he’d love to revisit. Find out what that moment is and who came out the winner in the best of three battle. Watch the entire episode of CasBar up top.

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