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23rd Annual American Music Awards

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A New Tupac Project Could Drop on Saturday. 👀👀👀

The Tupac Estate is teasing something called “1998,” and we’re thinking it could be one of those albums folks were talking about last month. Details are pretty much nonexistent at this point, but if you want to stay in the loop, you can follow the link in the Pac’s Instagram bio.

As Complex notes, Tupac’s Greatest Hits dropped 20 years ago on Saturday, so whatever they’re about to drop is probably related to the anniversary.

Guess we’ll find out soon. Stay tuned.

20 Reasons Why Millennials Are a Disgrace, According to Buzzfeed.

They’re terrible. Absolutely terrible. Like why are we always spending money on sh*t we don’t really need and complaining about our three full-time jobs that are barely paying our overpriced rent?

This and more covered in Buzzfeed’s hilarious list.

Nah, but on a serious note: you’re doing your f*cking best. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

The New Form of Blackface.

By now, you’ve likely witnessed “n****fishing” for yourself. You know, when a white woman alters her appearance with makeup to make herself appear more melanated. Let’s just say it’s become somewhat of an epidemic, or at least it seems that way amid all the social media callouts.

“The term ‘n*****fish’ is an amalgam of the highly offensive n-word and ‘catfish,’ a term all social media-addicted millennials use when they’ve been duped into believing someone isn’t who they appear to be,” VICE explains. “The new word seemed to help Black Twitter finally put a name to all of the Kardashian-like influencers dotting Instagram explore pages.”

And to dive a little deeper, VICE got in touch with one of the accused, as well as the folks putting her in the hot seat.

Read on.

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