Jovan Adepo speaks with Cassius Life about filming one of Babylon's toughest scenes and his thought process while doing it.

A Massachusetts Montessori school,  IC Kids in Newton, just had to fire a teacher, close its doors and issue a public apology because a teacher had toddlers make Blackface masks to honor Black History Month.

Every year, some people go out of their way to be offensive on Halloween.

If there should be one rule regarding Halloween, it would be to steer clear of culturally insensitive costumes. But for some reason there’s still a flurry of Blackface costumes ever year– and 2019 was no different. According to NBC News, a teacher at a high school in Milpitas, California who wore blackface during Halloween to […]

Some Mardi Gras parade viewers couldn't believe that racist blackface figurines were being tossed into the crowd like confetti on Saturday.

Outrage prompts the Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art to remove its blackface exhibit.

Antoine Griezmann, a French soccer star and striker for the Atletico Madrid, sparked major outrage over a photo of him in a Blackface costume.