Celebrities are just like us. You’ll be having a regular conversation with an older person in your family, and suddenly, they make one of the most offensive remarks about another race or gender. Now, one of those moments happened to Billy Dee Williams while appearing on an episode of Bill Maher‘s Club Random podcast. Most […]


A white pastor at the Matoaka Baptist Church of Ochelata in Oklahoma has just gotten himself and his church ousted by the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, according to the Associated Press. Why was he ousted? Because he’s one of many Caucasians who aren’t imaginative enough to figure out how to dress as […]


Ben Stiller will not back down from the decision to have Robert Downey Jr. wear blackface in the 2008 film Tropic Thunder. Stiller, 57, went on social media earlier this week to address a specific Black Twitterer who asked him to “stop apologizing for doing [Tropic Thunder].” “I make no apologies for Tropic Thunder. Don’t […]

"I make no apologies for Tropic Thunder. Don’t know who told you that. It’s always been a controversial movie since when we opened. Proud of it and the work everyone did on it." – Ben Stiller replying to a Twitterer who asked him to "stop apologizing" the 2008 movie

Jovan Adepo speaks with Cassius Life about filming one of Babylon's toughest scenes and his thought process while doing it.


A Massachusetts Montessori school,  IC Kids in Newton, just had to fire a teacher, close its doors and issue a public apology because a teacher had toddlers make Blackface masks to honor Black History Month.


Every year, some people go out of their way to be offensive on Halloween.

If there should be one rule regarding Halloween, it would be to steer clear of culturally insensitive costumes. But for some reason there’s still a flurry of Blackface costumes ever year– and 2019 was no different. According to NBC News, a teacher at a high school in Milpitas, California who wore blackface during Halloween to […]