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Turkey Day is upon us, fam.

We know you’re not looking forward to that annoying aunt and grandmother who constantly asks why you’re single, your parents bugging you about work and not getting a raise and the inevitable copious amounts of alcohol that leads to some sort of confrontation.

But there’s one thing we can all count on— an amazing home-cooked meal that you’ve been looking forward to because you’re tired of the grilled chicken you meal prepped for the last eight days. Now, hopefully, your annoying sister and her boyfriend’s new vegan diet won’t take away from your normal spread. Or maybe you decided to take on the nightmarish task of hosting this year?

Either way, Dustin has you covered and is here to teach you how to make stuffing —or perhaps you call it dressing on your side of town. We’re not judging. (Read: We’re definitely judging.)

The ingredients are pretty simple to prepare, so there’s no excuse to use box made stuffing because you’re better than that.

It starts with putting some butter in a skillet and letting diced up celery and bell peppers get some color before grounding up your cornbread, adding some stock, then finally mixing everything together. It’s not the best looking prepared meal, but after it sits in the oven for a bit, you’d be hard pressed to find anything better tasting to shove up your turkey.

And yes, we’re aware of how creepy Dustin looks stuffing the turkey.

P.S.: If anyone is hitting up Dustin’s crib for Thanksgiving, please let us know if his cooking skills are really as fire as he says.

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