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From Wu-Tang’s lipstick line to celebrity apps, it seems err’body has a side hustle in the entertainment biz these days. On Thursday, Questlove announced that he’ll be taking his talents to the popcorn industry with a brand-new line of popcorn, which includes a “Sneakies” pack for on-the-go seasoning when you’re sneaking your snacks into the theater.

We see you, Quest.

“Movies and popcorn are one of the classic pairs in Western Civilization, like Starsky and Hutch or Ashford and Simpson,” Quest wrote in a statement. “Being an avid movie-goer and huge popcorn fan, I wanted to create my own popcorn collection and give it a personal Questovian spin…”

The venture is a collaboration with Williams Sonoma, with whom he previously teamed up for the No Kid Hungry charity in 2017.

Of course, Questlove is no stranger to the culinary world. You may recall his book, something to food about: Exploring Creativity with Innovative Chefs, which dropped in 2016. Featuring a forward written by the late Anthony Bourdain, the book explored Quest’s curiosity about the world of food through conversations with chefs all over the nation and sought to answer the question: “Can food be art? Can art be food?

“This was a journey (a fun tasty one at that) into the lives of Culinary Creatives,” he shared on Instagram ahead of the book’s release. “When I took my journey to Japan to eat #Jiro’s sushi I was shocked that he referenced himself as an Artist. Not a chef. I was thrown for a loop but it made total sense to me. I was willing to shell out good money and travel at a moments notice more than 21 hours for 18 pieces of sushi. Soon after I never looked at food’s role in our lives the same.”

Who else has their eyes on that lemon pepper popcorn seasoning? You can peep the collection list below, then head here to learn more about where to cop Quest’s new line of tasty treats.

Questlove for Williams Sonoma Collection:

Questlove Popcorn Cold-Pressed Avocado Spray Oil, $19.95

Questlove Popcorn Seasoning Lemon Pepper, $16.95

Questlove Popcorn Seasoning Saturday Morning Cereal, $16.95

Questlove Popcorn Seasoning Truffle Parm Rosemary, $18.95

Questlove Popcorn SNEAKIES Set, $24.95

Questlove Glow Bowl, $299.95