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The hip hop community is incredibly heavy hearted after learning about the death of legendary Queens rapper Prodigy, half of the infamous Mobb Deep.

Fans will remember the Queensbridge duo (Prodigy and Havoc) as a legendary team, boasting classics album The Infamous and Murda Musik, and songs like “Survival Of The Fittest,” “Shook Ones Pt. 2,” and “Quiet Storm.” Prodigy had just released an album earlier this year called Hegelian Dialect (The Book of Revelation), and was beginning to hit the summer music festival tour circuit with performances at Philly’s Roots Picnic and NYC’s Summer Jam.

Considered one of the best lyricists to ever touch a microphone, Prodigy was revered and respected by peers and fans alike, especially when it came to his ability to create some of the best opening bars in hip hop history.

To honor one of rap’s most celebrated figures, CASSIUS lists moments when culture has paid homage to one of Queensbridge’s finest.

The Hamilton Mixtape: “My Shot”

Led by famed composer and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda, the hit Broadway blockbuster Hamilton made sure to include several references to several of hip hop’s greatest moments, lines, and artists as it told the story of Alexander Hamilton.

Pulling from the classic “Shook Ones Pt. 2,” Miranda channels his inner Prodigy during his rendition of “My Shot.”

8 Mile: “The Final Battle”

2002’s 8 Mile was one of the first major Hollywood productions to shine a light on modern hip hop. Eminem, then one of the biggest stars in the game, took to the big screen to portray what life was like in his native Detroit. Fighting adversity as an up-and-coming rapper, the final scene in the movie places Eminem’s “B-Rabbit” character against the main antagonist, Papa Doc, in a rap battle in front of a sold-out crowd. With Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones Pt. 2” instrumental setting the stage, B-Rabbit dominates Papa Doc and his crew, gaining the respect of the people of 8 Mile.

Supreme x Mobb Deep

Streetwear brand Supreme collaborated with Hennessy for their Fall 2011 collection. One piece in particular was a football jersey that resembled the same jerseys both Prodigy and Havoc wore in their video for “Shook Ones Pt. 2.”

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One of my earliest posts (that has since been deleted) I would like to revisit is Supremes iconic 'Hennessy,' collaboration jersey released in 2011. Supremes referencing of iconic rap memorabilia is prevalent in the brands history- from the 'Posse,' hat, to vintage Snoop Dogg tour tees. However, the Hennessy jersey is one of a kind. In collaboration with the famous cognac brand, Supreme references the ever so celebrated jerseys worn by 'Mobb Deep,' in the 1995 video for 'Shook Ones.' The jerseys reference is clear in both style of piece, color ways, and the featured striped arms. Rumor has it Supreme wanted to use Three Stripes on the arms (and that there is even a sample), but as to avoid lawsuit with Adidas- they decided Two was a better call. Note: there were Hennessy collaborations prior to this 2011 Jersey- including a long sleeve football jersey (similar to the Playboy released this week), a beanie, and a Mitchell and Ness Baseball jersey.

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In the same year, Prodigy was selected by Supreme to make an appearance on its staple box logo t-shirt.

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