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Y‘all thought Lena Waithe was going to chill with just bringing us Season 2 of “The Chi” in 2019?


Chicago’s pride is the executive producer of BET and Paramount’s new series BOOMERANG, a new spin on Eddie Murphy’s classic movie from 25 years ago. Waithe will be producing alongside Halle Berry, who starred in the 1992 original film. The comedy series will follow the children of the original cast as they venture into the professional world and manage the issues that come along with it.

Waithe commented in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that Berry pushed her to create something truly original that would resonate with today’s Black community.

“She’s like, ‘Lena, we did the 1992 version of this movie where it’s, like, black people are getting mercy. It was me, it was Robin Givens, Eddie Murphy. We did that. You gotta do something new for your generation,'” she said. “I want people to feel like this is the Atlanta version of ‘Boomerang,’ on BET.”

“‘BOOMERANG’ was a film I always enjoyed,” showrunner Ben Cory Jones (HBO’s Insecure) said. “When we realized we were doing a recharge of the movie, we tried to figure out how to make something new and fresh. Our thought, Lena and I, was to take the iconic characters from the film but follow their 26-year-old offspring of these major characters as they’re living in Atlanta and working in advertising.”

But the show won’t just be all work with no play. We know that Waithe is an expert at developing layered, complex characters. Diving deeper into each of the characters’ backstories was important to her in the process of making this show.

“We talked about what these characters wanted and what their traumas were and I kept saying I like grounded, low to the ground, material,” Waithe said. “That’s what makes people connect to the material.”

The recharge of BOOMERANG will premiere Tuesday, February 12 10/9 c on BET. Until then, check out the sneak peek of the making of the series down below.