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Preparing For Super Bowl LII

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

We’ve entered day 28 of the government shutdown, and politicians are now concerned about how it could potentially impact Super Bowl LIII.

Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms recently told CBS that, despite being in “uncharted territory” with the shutdown lasting as long as it has, preparations are being made “as best we can from our vantage point.”

Not only will the shutdown likely affect air travel, according to Sports Illustrated, but The National Air Traffic Controllers Association has been forced to end Super Bowl weekend planning sessions, “leading to a potentially ill-prepared workforce.” Does this mean the Super Bowl won’t be happening at all? Not necessarily, but a huge headache can be expected for all involved if the shutdown doesn’t end by Feb. 3.

“When we work on something as big as the Super Bowl—the biggest spectator event in the country—it takes us a lot of time to plan on extra airplanes and traffic,” NATCA rep Dan McCabe told NBC News. “We’re going to keep the event safe, but we want it to be an enjoyable event for everybody. It’s frustrating that I know it won’t be as good as it could be.”

In other Super Bowl news, Cardi B is gearing up to make history, joining Michael Jackson and Beyoncé in history as one of the iconic stars to be featured in a Pepsi ad campaign. Sources tell TMZ that she’s officially this year’s Pepsi celeb spokesperson, with an ad shot and ready to air during SB 53.

Not a bad turn around after plans to perform with Maroon 5 during halftime fell through. She’ll also perform with Bruno Mars ahead of the Super Bowl.

Read more at TMZ, and if you’ve yet to catch Cardi’s new “Twerk” video with the City Girls, you can catch that below. Disclaimer: it’s pretty NSFW.