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Congratulations—you’ve almost made it a full month into the new year without doing anything stupid… right?

Well, beyond that, we KNOW you’re struggling with those resolutions and have already skipped the gym for dumb reasons or drunk-texted your ex for some even dumber reasons. But we’re here to remind you just how important it is to instill those good habits this year. And as Dustin says, “New year, new mind.”

Self-care is more than just copping some new Jordans through the SNKRS because you felt reckless on a Saturday morning. It’s also about not running up your credit card bill. Get out of your head about thinking yoga isn’t cool—because it is. It doesn’t even require the gym membership that you bought a year ago and never use. You can just look up videos on YouTube to get you in the right frame of mind. Not only will you sleep better, but a quick session once you wake up will make your mornings that much more bearable.

#Selfcare also applies to getting over the stigma of therapy— because best believe working through your own personal sh*t will not only make the relationships you have with others better, but most important, the one you have with yourself. Peep Dustin on his spiritual tip as CASSIUS helps you stay on track for 2019 so 2018’s struggles don’t come back to haunt you.

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