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Meek Mill

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Meek Mill has vowed that after his legal issues he’s ready to help others who aren’t as fortunate as he escapes an unfair legal system— and now he’s finally taking action.

The Philly born rapper hasn’t even been out of jail a year and he’s already part of a criminal justice reform coalition led by CNN host and activist Van Jones called The Reform Alliance. Meek is joined by the likes of Jay Z, Brooklyn Nets, 2019 Super Bowl-bound New England Patriots—and even Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin. The influential group has joined forces to donate a hefty $50 million.

Meek hopes that the money will help change an outdated jail system that constantly plagues Black and brown offenders.

“If you thought my case was unfair, there are millions of others dealing with worse situations and caught up in the system without committing crimes,” said Mill, who will remain on probation until 2023. “With this alliance, we want to change outdated laws, give people hope and reform a system that’s stacked against us.”

Specifically, Jones wants the alliance to address the cycle of parole and probation violations that find people back in prison over and over. This same pipeline is what led to Meek going back to prison in November 2017 after violating his parole at a St. Louis airport. He’s set to remain on parole for 2023, and with a lengthy parole, the chance of ending up behind bars only grows.

“That is the revolving door that keeps people back in and back in and back in,” Jones said. “We’re going to dismantle that revolving door.”

One of the unlikely characters to support Meek in his quest to get out of jail last year was Patriots owner Robert Kraft— who is now all in on the issue that he believes is not good for the country:

“We can make America better if we really cure this problem,” he told the Washington Post.