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Steph Curry has risen has the NBA sharpshooter who can pull up from anywhere— including half court.

As his name continues to gain lore, his influence is finally starting to be felt in the generation under him and Trae Young is all the evidence you need. Young, a point guard originally drafted by the Dallas Mavericks but later traded to the Atlanta Hawks, has been chucking up deep 3s that are eerily reminiscent of Curry.  Young is aware of the comparisons but goes as far as to say Curry isn’t a shooter.

“He’s a guy who makes plays,” Young clarified to Bleacher Report. “Obviously, he’s the best shooter of all time. But he’s not just strictly a shooter. When I think of a shooter, I think of JJ Redick. I think of a guy who just runs off screens and strictly just shoots. That’s how I look at it. Steph’s the best shooter of all time, but I think he’s overall just a playmaker.”

And Young has made it apparent that he wants to be more than a shooter and does that by putting his teammates in position to get the best baskets possible— not something you often see from a rookie. Statistically, he may only be making about a third of his shots from beyond the arch, but he’s tied for seventh-most assists per game in the league.

Other than getting compared to Curry, Young knows that because he and Luka were traded for each other soon after the draft, the two will be compared for the rest of their careers. But Young is cool with that because he’s pretty damn sure he’ll be better than Doncic years down the line.

In my eyes, it’s not a question—it’s going to be me,” Young responded when asked who will be better in 5-10 years on ESPN’s The Jump. “But that’s just the competitive nature in my blood, and I think that’s the no-brainer with me.”