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The new iPhone is slated to be a powerhouse—literally. According to recent reports, the iPhone XR will be usable as a charging pad. This will be made possible by what’s called “bilateral” wireless charging, which as the name suggests, allow you to charge your other devices wirelessly. They’re calling it “Airpower,” and though we honestly don’t see the need for another upgrade so soon, we have to admit—it sounds pretty cool.

“AirPower was initially previewed in 2017 ahead of a scheduled 2018 release,” notes Apple Insider. “The accessory was quietly and indefinitely delayed as rumors claimed Apple engineers were battling heat and interference issues. Despite presumptions that AirPower would ultimately turn into vaporware, reports in February pointed to parts shipments and mass manufacturing, suggesting the project was back on track.”

And according to a research note written by TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that was sent to clients on Sunday, “The new AirPods support wireless charging and upgraded Bluetooth connectivity, and AirPower will start shipping in 1H19.”

Here’s what else is known about Apple’s forthcoming rollout:

Those Next-Gen AirPods Are Coming Soon.

“Recent reports claimed the update to Apple’s wildly popular wireless earbuds will share a design with the original, but feature a textured surface for improved grip and potentially be offered in a new black color option,” writes Apple Insider.

The TrueDepth Camera May Get an Upgrade.

“TrueDepth may see an update with a higher-power flood illuminator for better Face ID recognition, Kuo said, while a new 6.1-inch LCD model might be upgraded to incorporate 4GB of RAM, up from the current 3GB in the iPhone XR.”

The new iPhone may also boast a triple-lens camera system with wide, telephoto, and ultra-wide options. Get ready to flex like a bonafide photographer.

We May See a Shift to USB-C This Year.

“Multiple rumors from as early as the summer of 2018 suggested that the iPhone would shift to USB-C in 2019,” says Apple Insider. “USB-C on the iPhone in 2019 would shift all of Apple’s mainline devices to the technology, allowing for one cable to be used across the entire lineup for data and charging, but would spark complaints about accessory incompatibility, like it did when Apple shifted from the 30-pin connector to Lightning in 2012.”

Of course, we likely won’t know anything for sure until the big reveal during September’s Apple event.

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