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Bill Cosby Preliminary Hearing

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Big News

As it turns out, ten of 12 jurors on the Cosby sex-assault trial voted to convict him, reports New York Daily News. The other two were “not moving, no matter what,” according to a juror, who requested to remain anonymous. “It makes me hopeful,” Jewel Allison, a victim, told the Daily News. “I am very hopeful. We were so close.” It’d ultimately be those two jurors who caused the jury to deadlock, forcing the judge to declare a mistrial after 52-hour deliberation.

Big Facts

Ex-Milwaukee cop Dominique Heaggan-Brown—who fatally shot Sylville Smith in August 2016—was found not guilty of first-degree reckless homicide on Wednesday, reports CNN. According to family attorney David Owens, Smith’s family filed a lawsuit, claiming Milwaukee allowed the officer to keep his job despite a “’pervasive pattern of excessive force and misconduct,’ including at least 16 ‘use of force’ incidents.” Smith’s father called the verdict “disrespectful,” adding “there is no justice here.”

Big Lies

Reuters reports Russian hackers targeted 21 systems during the presidential election, though “there was no evidence” of votes actually being exploited. According to CNN, Samuel Liles, acting Director of Cyber Division of the DHS’ Office of Intelligence and Analysis, said during a hearing before the Senate intelligence committee it was “concluded that 21 states ‘were potentially targeted by Russian government-linked cyber actors,’” though those 21 states were not specified. He then stated if there was in fact any manipulation of the U.S. election system, it “would be detected.” But y’all buying this or nah?

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