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The constant leaking of details about Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor divorce have upset the singer, and she is punching back.

She’s aiming at one of the main culprits sharing the specifics of her former marriage: TMZ.

Over the weekend, she took to her Instagram Stories to air her frustrations about making such a personal situation public and to claim that some of the reports are factually incorrect.

“Yo @tmz you serious???? Y’all really be taking it too far with these d*mn misleading headlines and I’m tired of it!” she begins. “Every time I turn around it’s either half leaked and made up stories, or words being twisted up for clickbait!!!! I kindly ask you mothaf%ckas to mind ya damn business, and for y’all to respect me and my family’s privacy.”

The message comes days after TMZ published a story claiming that Taylor says Shumpert began shutting off the utilities at the Georgia home they once shared. Her lawyer claims the WiFi and cable were cut off one day, and there was no running water the next day.

According to TMZ docs, upon Shumpert’s moving out in October, his brother informed Taylor that utilities would soon be shut off.

Taylor asked that if the outlet continues to air out the details, they at least tell the whole truth, though she’d rather keep her personal life as private as possible.

“If you’re going to keep leaking my documents, show it all [and] come correct! Stop taking bits and pieces and putting 10s on 2s!” Taylor adds. “I’ve been very graceful, cordial and protective of all parties involved in this whole process. Sadly, that energy has not been reciprocated at all!”

She completes the statement by saying the utilities in the home were back up and running immediately after she knew they were turned off.

“also let me add…all of the utilities in my home was on same day after that sh-t was pulled!! me and my kids are never going to be sitting ducks!!!”

See how social media’s been reacting to the divorce below.

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