Cassius Life Featured Video

Kéla Walker is known to get ‘fits off on Instagram and is an authority in the lifestyle space. So to keep her closet in tip-top shape she’s hitting the streets of Brooklyn courtesy of Swipe by Lexus to see what’s in style. Her first stop is to see Cory of The Brooklyn Circus — a Brooklyn-born men’s boutique with a vintage feel offering urban-inspired apparel.

“I just love the whole aesthetic. You’ll come in and hear some reggae music, and my family’s from Jamaica so it all just felt so authentic,” Cory says of the homey and extremely inviting nature of the hip shop. Kéla also notices that the store will definitely need to make wake for more women clientele has the line between guy and girl-appropriate gear begins to blur and all that matters is a fire outfit.

Kéla also hits up The Narativ to check out some South Africa inspired brands too. Get some inspiration for your next wardrobe overhaul on the latest SWIPE episode.