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Q-Tip Mentors Megan Thee Stallion.

According to a recent interview with Okayplayer, Tip knew what was up long before we did.

“We got like a real mysterious e-mail, and the e-mail is one of those things where they say it’s from someone famous who wants to get into communication with you. And I’m like, ‘Momma that sound funny, I don’t think we should reply,'” Megan told Okayplayer.

“I don’t even know why my momma would reply but whatever made her reply I’m glad she did because it actually wound up being Q-Tip,” she continued. “I think they exchanged numbers so when they got on the phone and everything his assistant was like, ‘Oh, yes it’s Q-Tip and he loves Meg and whoopty whoop.’ It just all started from there, and we were on the phone for like an hour.”

She added that the Tribe Called Quest legend is extremely supportive of her talent and that they hang out whenever she’s in New York.

“He’s like a mentor. He’s just amazing. Everything that I put out I probably let him listen to it before I put it out just so I can hear him gas me so I know I’m on the right path.”

Dope as hell. Read more here.

Elton John Loves A Tribe Called Quest.

Speaking of Q-Tip, Elton John really likes ATCQ. He recently sat down with Q-Tip, with whom he shared that he sees the group as “the seminal hip-hop band of all-time.”

“If you don’t know A Tribe Called Quest, you’re stupid,” John says in the latest episode of Beats 1’s Rocket Hour. “But if you listen to [‘Electric Relaxation’], you’ll understand why I rave about them,” adding that the track is “one of [his] favorite tracks” from that year, describing the group as “laid back [but] funky.”

Tip, of course, was floating on air.

“Can I just say something? I really pinch myself when you say that something that I did is a favorite track,” Q-Tip replied while on the show. “I’m just like still kind of like, ‘Am I dreaming?’ I feel like I’m in a different universe.”

The episode airs today (March 21) at 1 p.m. ET on Apple Music’s Beats 1.

Questlove Made a Plant-Based Cheesesteak for Phillies Fans.

First gourmet popcorn, and now philly cheesesteaks—Questlove is really out here in these food industry streets. On Tuesday, the legendary Roots Crew drummer announced his “Questlove Cheesesteak,” which is made with that plant-based Impossible meat you’ve probably heard about some time in the last two years.

“The twist on his hometown classic will be available at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park during all 81 Philadelphia Phillies home baseball games this season, starting on Mar. 28,” Billboard explains. You can also catch the cheesesteak on the menus of 40 Live Nation-owned and operated venues across the U.S.

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