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Daniel Caesar Refuses to Apologize for His Comments from Earlier This Week.

Deray McKesson says he had an hours-long chat with Daniel Caesar after his bothersome comments, but it doesn’t look like the “Freudian” singer will be posting an iPhone notes apology any time soon. After accusing Black folks of being “mean” to white people and defending YesJulz for who knows what reason (then again, we kind of do), Caesar tweeted that he’s “never thought more highly of myself.”

“But I’m coming to understand this is a losing battle not worth fighting, also I can’t be 100% sure but I feel like 60% of you are bots cuz I be seeing some of the dumbest s*** said on here,” he wrote on Thursday. “So I’m gunna shut up from on but I DO NOT APOLOGIZE. Cuz you guys didn’t convince me. Screenshot these tweets cuz my publicist is gunna make me delete soon and she’s a strong black woman so I’m gunna listen to her tbh.”

Not really sure what the last line was supposed to mean, but… yeah.

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Cardi B Won’t Face Charges Following the Infamous Met Gala Fight.

Her and the Migos’ security teams are in the clear after last year’s alleged assault on that guy looking for an autograph at the Met Gala.

“The rappers’ security guards won’t face any charges, and the assault case has been closed,” law enforcement reportedly told TMZ. “We’re told the alleged victim refused to be interviewed by NYPD detectives. That’s despite the fact he was clearly seen on video catching a beatdown.”

Moral of the story: don’t f**k with Cardi—it won’t end in your favor.

Kevin Durant’s ‘Adopted Brother’ Cliff Dixon Was Fatally Shot.

The former professional basketball player was celebrating his 32nd birthday outside an Atlanta nightclub. Durant’s mother sent condolences on behalf of the Durant family via Twitter, writing:

“The Durant family extends our deepest condolences & prayers to Cliff’s mother, siblings, family & friends. Our family was an extension of his & we shared wonderful memories. His transition is an incredible loss for all of us who loved him, he will be missed dearly #CliffDixon RIP.”

Ex-girlfriend Erica Mena also shared a message on her Instagram story, stating:

“I’m so sorry this happened, you didn’t deserve this.”

Dixon was reportedly in critical condition when paramedics arrived. He was then rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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