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Questlove Says Barack Obama Requested French Montana At White House

Source: NBC / Getty

Questlove is probably full of exciting stories throughout his epic career, but he shared one in particular that involved President Obama, French Montana and his booty shaking opus “Pop That.”

It’s not often you will see those two names and that song in the same sentence, but it indeed happened. On the latest episode of the Malcolm Gladwell and Rick Rubin’s Broken Record podcast, Questlove shared the pretty hilarious story of how the former president requested the DJ play the record to get his daughters active during the White House event.

While most wouldn’t hesitate to have French saying “pop that p***y” in the historic residence, Questlove was bit more reserve and was probably considering what would Michelle think of him playing such a record.

“So two hours into it, he taps me on the shoulder. ‘You’re doing a good job! I love the Donna Summer and the old school hip-hop and the jazz. But look at them, they wanna have fun too!’ And he’s pointing to his kids. They’re having a sit-in. They’re looking at me like, ‘Nah, none of this sh*t works.’

“Suddenly, that night became Animal House, the most debaucherous… [Obama’s] coming up to me like, ‘Do you have French Montana?’ And I’m like, ‘Sir! I don’t have the clean versions of that.’ He’s like, ‘We’re all adults here. Play it!’ I’m like, ‘Sir, I’m not gonna play ‘Pop that pussy, bitch, what ya twerkin wit.’”


Above, you can catch the hilarious story around the 22-minute mark of part two.

After reading that you have to wonder what other stories Quest got in the chamber. Also, this is just another reminder of why Barack Obama is the G.O.A.T when it comes to Presidents. You gotta admit the former president knows what songs to throw on to get the party rocking. You think “Pop That” is on Barry’s playlist? All signs point to that being a possibility.