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Bill Maher has carved out a career via his biting political views and for challenging conventional thought on a variety of topics. The longtime media figure shared via an interview that he canned a Kanye West interview, calling the Chicago superstar a “very charming antisemite” in the process.

Sitting down with TMZ for the outlet’s TMZ Investigates program where Bill Maher and host Harvey Levin discussed the career and recent happenings of Kanye West in an episode titled “Unhinged But Unstoppable.”

Aside from the sensational title assessing Ye’s assumed mental state, Maher, 68, shared with Levin that he sat down with the producer and designer for two hours for his Club Random podcast and had a spirited discussion that Maher labeled “fun” but also threw in a shot. Maher said of West that he was a “very charming antisemite” and essentially didn’t want to give Ye’s view a wider platform.

It wasn’t said in the clip when this interview took place but Ye has since apologized in both English and Hebrew via Instagram to the Jewish community. As of late, he has not made any recent statements about Jewish people aside from a lyric from the song “Vultures” which is featured on Ye and Ty Dolla $ign’s upcoming Vultures project.

The Bill Maher clip in question can be viewed below.

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