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New Clip Shows Derrick Rose Breaking Down After being Traded By Bulls

Source: Hannah Foslien / Getty

It still doesn’t seem that long ago when Derrick Rose was one of the leagues brightest stars and was tearing up the Association with his explosive play. A series of severe knee injuries slowed Rose’s career dramatically, and a clip from an upcoming doc highlights the painful moment the PG found out he was being traded by the Bulls to the Knicks.

The new Stadium documentary coming Thursday called “Pooh: The Derrick Rose Story” shared the heartbreaking clip where at first Rose is discussing trade rumors involving the Knicks, and reiterating he is content with the Bulls before being pulled away to take a phone call from his agent BJ Armstrong.

“You do hear about trade rumors here and there, and this last one, the Knicks one was pretty big because it caught a lot of people’s attention, I’m good with being in Chicago. We’re trying to win there, get back on the right track, so that’s the only thing I can think about. Being in Chicago, but I do hear the rumors. I never really thought about packing up and leaving or demanding a trade.”

Rose’s friend tells him that Armstrong is in New York after his agent doesn’t pick up Derrick states that “I hope nothing happened,” and that it “Makes me kinda nervous,” before he going to back to finish the interview. He doesn’t even get to complete his sentence when his agent calls back and informs him that the trade went through. Rose is in tears while Armstrong breaks down the situation in a scene that is very tough to watch at times.

Rose, since the 2016 trade to the Knicks, where he played one season averaging 18 points has bounced around the league landing in Cleveland for a short stint with the Cavs and Minnesota where we have witnessed flashes of the old D.Rose. He is now a free agent, and in a recent radio interview on Monday, BJ Armstrong hinted that his client is open to returning to Chicago.

“There’s no secret, there’s no doubt that in his heart, Chicago will always be there. We’ll see. I don’t know what the Bulls are going to do at this particular time … If it presented itself, we’d be open to that conversation. We’ll find out in due time.”

Wherever he lands, we are rooting for him. The clip does put things in perspective, while we talk about trades involving these players on the internet either jokingly or excitedly the athletes handle them much differently behind the scenes.