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Derrick Rose is back.

The former MVP has had a tough go at it in the league since his constant knee injuries triggered his fall from grace, but he got another shot with the championship caliber Cleveland Cavs. But injuries have plagued him again as he suffered a sprained ankle on October 20 and decided to take a leave of absence from the team just prior to Thanksgiving.

Now, Rose is back, and he apologized to his teammates before his first practice, per ESPN.

“He didn’t have to, but he did. He asked me could he talk to the team before we started shootaround and addressed the team. Everyone welcomed him back and is happy he is here, and that’s it,” Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said of Rose’s message to the team.

The Chi-town native has missed 17 of the Cavs’ 27 games this season, but he is ready to get back on the court once his ankle is healed. As for when he’ll turn to the lineup, Lue isn’t sure yet.

“Just going through his rehab now, trying to get healthy. It won’t be in the next few games or nothing like that, so just got to see how he takes to treatment,” Lue said.

Several players have said the apology wasn’t necessary, including LeBron James. A few days ago, the king spoke to the media, saying Rose doesn’t owe the team an explanation because you never know what someone else is going through in their life, and that he just hopes his teammates can come together and be his support system.

The Cavs recently clenched their 13th straight dub, thanks to a clutch three-pointer from James with just seconds on the clock.