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Resy Valentine's Day Date Night Guide

This weekend is busy for many reasons, with the big game happening on Sunday and Valentine’s Day rolling around just days later. Resy, one of the leaders in the dining reservation space, crunched some numbers and shared data about the dating habits of the public along with a handy date night guide.

Breaking the wall a bit here, I’ve reserved many a fantastic night out by way of outings I’ve booked via Resy and can vouch for how curated the experience feels from city to city. Because of the arena it occupies, it makes sense that Resy has observed some trends year to year and is sharing its findings with readers.

Resy Valentine's Day Date Night Guide

If you’re still feeling unprepared to shower your boo with tons of love on Feb. 14, you’re not alone. However, a handful of you out there are getting with the program and planning ahead with more proficiency than in 2023, according to Resy’s study. They also cited that half of the reservations made through its channels were made within a week of Valentine’s Day.

Resy Valentine's Day Date Night Guide

While there still are some reservations available, it’s fair to say that many of the dreamy hot spots are all but booked up. But if you have a loved one who isn’t hung up on tradition or is flexible, there is some wiggle room. In fact, your odds of getting a coveted reservation greatly improve on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 11) according to the data gathered by Resy.

If you’re in need of ideas and suggestions, we suggest you visit Resy’s Date Night guide here.

Happy Super Bowl Weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day.

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