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Odell Beckham Jr. Slams Colin Cowherd On Twitter

Source: Mitchell Leff / Getty

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. hasn’t even played a down as a member of his new team, but he is already engaging in some drama. The master of the one-hand grab had time today for The Herd’s host Colin Cowherd after the FOX Sports analyst decided to do a Family Feud themed list which highlighted Beckham Jr’s top 10 moments of his career after the Pro Bowl wideout chose not to show up to the team’s second day of OTAs.

OBJ decided to clap back at Cowherd in a series of Tweets and even provided receipts of an iMessage conversation with the radio show host congratulating on him on being traded to the Browns. He also vowed to have the last word and put an end to the situation when he gets a chance to get in front of a microphone.

“NOWWWW UVE GONE TOOOO FAR…. bro I understand nobody listens to ur show but stop using my name to get clout bro, I let u say and do whatever u want but uve gone to far now. So heres the attention U wanted and desperately needed i see. I had respect for u after talkin on the ph.”

“This is the shxt I be talkin bout wit the bold tv people who see u in person and have completely different convos . Alllll of those moments got better ratings and attention than any of ur shows ever. And that’s not somethin im braggin about cause im not “proud” of those.”

“But I honestly I really hate to even give u this spotlight. Just put some respect on my name as ur talkin bout me and my family to booost ur TV shows and ratings. If I was GREAT then u and others wouldn’t talk about me this much. I DONT hear much talk bout anybody else at All.”

“Next time I have media, ima make sure I put an end to all of this. Just don’t be putting shxt out on social media u WOULD NOT say to my face or in person … u really scary,”

Oh, it’s going to be an exciting season if OBJ keeps this same energy all campaign long. We can’t wait to see him and Baker Mayfield go to work come September.