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Game over. The battle for the Iron Throne has come to an end, and its occupant is the last person people predicted would be ruling Westeros. Last week, we saw Daenerys succumb to her daddy’s mad gene and reduce King’s Landing to ash finishing what he wanted to start when he screamed “burn them all” before Jamie drove his sword through his heart. The show’s series finale picks up right where we left off with everyone who’s not a member of the Unsullied or Dothraki realizing the coin flipped on the crazy Targaryen side.

Tyrion Wants No Parts of A Daenerys Monarchy

Daenerys’ hand is disgusted with his queen and rightfully so. The man just witnessed the now Mad Queen with the help of her dragon turn innocent men, women, and children into one giant pile of ash destroying King’s Landing in the process despite the ringing of the bell signaling surrender. Him, Jon and Davos are surveying the fallout and are taking in the burnt corpses and stunned survivors who somehow survived Drogon’s wrath and escaped being turned into extra crispy King’s Landing residents.

Before he goes to face Dany, Tyrion decides to go to the Red Keep which now serves as the final resting place of the incestual duo of his sister Cersei and brother Jamie. Immediately he spots the one-handed knight’s golden hand in the rubble of the castle that fell on top of them. After he digs out their bodies, Tyrion breaks down as he realized that he sent his brother to his death by suggesting him and Cersei make their escape through the area only to see their route was blocked off. It’s also safe to assume that those tears weren’t for his crazy sister but also the fact he took a considerable risk freeing Jamie only to see the opportunity fail and now him possibly facing death by dragon fire.

After mourning over Jamie, it’s time to face Westeros’ new Queen. At the moment she is basking in her glory and is thanking her two formidable armies, for helping her “free” aka cook the people of King’s Landing. With that new crazy look in her eyes, she tells Tyrion that she is aware he helped his brother escape. Tyrion calls out The Mother of Dragons for her violent actions before ultimately quitting as her loyal advisor. Dany thanks him for his service by having the pint-sized hand of the queen arrested for his treasonous acts. Looks like Tyrion will suffer the same fate as his best friend Varys who got turned into cigarette ashes after he snitched on him like Frank Lucas did in American Gangster.

Jon Makes A Painful Decision

The current King of The North cannot believe what he just witnessed. His auntie/boo thang aka the breaker of chains senselessly laid to waste an entire kingdom and killed children. Jon Snow is not about that Mad Targaryen life despite having the gene himself. Clearly, this dragon, who was raised by wolves, has compassion and cannot be corrupted by power. After walking up on Grey Worm executing Lannister soldiers under orders his beloved queen and listening to her delusional speech where she no longer sounds like the woman he fell in love with a look of concern can be seen on his face.

Jon decides to have a conversation with the Tyrion after he is arrested. Tyrion makes his best case that despite the love they both have for Daenerys her crazy ass has to go not now, BUT RIGHT NOW. Tyrion begs for Jon to see that which each person Daenerys kills she becomes more of a tyrant and that his sisters could easily be next to be turned in barbecue chicken, but it looks like his case fell on deaf ears with Jon doubling down on his loyalty to her.

With the ash from the battle coming down like snowfall, Jon finds his queen in the throne room admiring the Iron Throne which is now hers. He desperately tries to help her see the error of her ways, but she is too far gone and only wants to rule with Jon by her said. Realizing his queen has gone mad with power, he delivers the fatal blow while sharing one last kiss with Daenerys putting an end to her very short reign. Knowing something is wrong, her dragon son Drogon shows and is not too happy to see his mother dead.

Jon initially believes he is about to catch the flamethrower for killing the Mother of Dragons, but instead Drogon takes his anger out on the throne his master died for. After he melts it down like a fake chain, the dragon takes Daenerys lifeless corpse and flies off into the unknown. It was a good run Dany, but you had to go, we hope you enjoy telling people to bend the knee in the afterlife. For his actions though, Jon is arrested by the Unsullied who, as expected, are not too happy to learn the fate of their leader.

The Wheel Has Been Broken

It would appear sometime has passed since Jon’s actions, and he is still a prisoner as well as Tyrion. He is taken to a meeting that consists of the most influential people in Westeros. Sansa, Ayara, Bran, Gendry Lord of Storm’s End, Yara Greyjoy of the Iron Islands, Edmure Tully of Riverun, Ser Davos, Ser Brienne of Tarth, Yohn Royce, Samwell Tarly and Robin Arryn Lord of the Vale who is all grown up now and not the spoiled brat who was entirely too old to be breastfed by his mother.

They have come to determine the fate of Jon Snow and figure out the leadership situation. Grey Worm is adamant on not giving up either Tyrion nor Jon and wants them to pay for their crimes but as expected the Starks want their brother back. When it came time to decide who should lead, Edmure’s dumb ass gets up to, but before he can a make a ridiculous claim for the throne, Sansa tells her uncle to have a seat,  Samwell suggests they all should lead, and they all laugh at that idea. They leave the decision up to Tyrion, and he suggests surprisingly that Bran would make a perfect King being that like his brother he had no desire for the crown.

When asked if he wanted the job, Bran in his best Three-Eyed-Raven voice says he accepts the responsibility by saying the only reason he is at the meeting is to receive the crown. After being met with surprise, the group agrees except for Sansa initially who for some reason brings up the fact Bran can’t fill up any potential queen’s gut with his warging juice. Tyrion thinks that’s best and proposes that from now rulers of Westeros shall be chosen by the group and not come into power by birth, thus breaking the wheel like his former queen wanted.

Who Survived The Great Game?

Bran The Broken’s rule begins, but at the request of his sister Sansa, Winterfell will remain independent, so instead of ruling the Seven Kingdoms, he will only oversee six making Sansa Queen of The North. As for Jon, life comes full-circle for him and instead of having his head cut off he was sent back to the wall to become a member of the Night’s Watch forever. When he arrived back at Castle Black he was greeted by Tormund, the wildings and his loyal dire wolf Ghost whom he gives a warm embrace. So all of those folks who complained Jon didn’t pet him in the previous episode can relax now. They embark on another adventure beyond the wall as the finale closes. Sansa is now the running things in Winterfell and looks damn good in her royal fits and rocking her crown. Arya opted not to go back home and instead decided to explore what’s west of Westeros.

As for the new ruler Bran The Broken, he takes Tyrion on as his Hand of The King, Samwell is appointed to Grand Maester, Ser Davos Master of Ships, Ser Brienne Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, Ser Podrick is a Knight in the newly formed Kingsguard and Ser Bronn is Master of Coin. Grey Worm took the remaining Unsullied to Naath to the birthplace of cuddle bae Missandei in a touching tribute. Last, but certainly not leas,t Drogon who is now officially the last remaining dragon is enjoying his freedom as was spotted last in the East. Bran says he will try to locate him to pinpoint his exact location.

So after 8 seasons of watching the Stark seeds blossom under some rough conditions, we finally get to see them on top and flourishing. Ned, Catelyn, Robb, and Rickon are smiling down from the heavens.

Who runs Westeros? STARKS.