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Say Goodbye to iTunes.

It’s the end of an era. After 18 years in the music streaming business, iTunes is calling it quits as Apple replaces it in a forthcoming version of macOS, which will include separate Music, Podcast and TV apps. The announcement was made on Tuesday by Apple executive Craig Federhigi during the Worldwide Developers Conference.

No worries: the iTunes Store isn’t going anywhere, reports NPR, nor will the music you bought from it. “But Apple did address a long-running complaint from users of the iTunes desktop app: mainly, that it’s trying to be too many things at once,” NPR adds.

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Ray J Is in the Cannabis Business.

Ray J is diving into the cannabis industry with his own company called William Ray LA. According to TMZ, he’s putting together a group of weed experts who specialize in growing, branding and marketing weed.

Ray J’s manager, David Weintraub, adds that the brand “will focus on non-traditional marketing strategies in media, music and entertainment.” And in a video shared on the site, you can get a sneak peek into his greenhouse.

But he’s not stopping at plants. Ray J reportedly also plans to expand in the future, offering services to other growing companies who also want to reach more people.

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Kawhi Leonard Has Reportedly ‘Purchased a Property’ in Toronto.

Could Kawhi Leonard be staying in Toronto? According to Bleacher Report, he might be.

“We have heard he’s purchased a property in Toronto,” Toronto 1050’s Michael Landsberg said. “We’ve heard this now from two different sources, indicating there’s something there.”

As Bleacher Report notes, Leonard will hit free agency this offseason if he doesn’t go with his $21.3 million player option.

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