Source: Craig Barritt / Getty

Shawn Corey Carter is worth a billi at this point, but that doesn’t mean he’s done stacking. At the start of this week, Forbes reported the business mogul had not only reached a net worth of one billion dollars, but he was the first Hip-Hop artist to ever do so. Let’s let that sink in.

In true Brooklyn fashion, however, Jay-Z’s hustle is far from over, as new reports state he is investing in a Black-owned, New Jersey-based vegan cookie company. “Jay Z is building his business portfolio and helping in the expansion of a growing black-owned vegan cookie company. Hov’s Marcy Venture Partners recently led a $1 million investment into Partake Foods, a three-year-old New Jersey-based company,” Vibe states. “Other investors include, The FactoryBackstage Capital, SoFi Ventures, and Chuck Muth, Chief Growth Officers of Beyond Meat.”

Hov’s undying support for the Black community inspires us to be the change we want to see. Not only is he doing tremendous work to change the criminal justice system for the better, he’s supporting Black businesses and funding healthier food options for our communities.