One of the hottest labels in streetwear is about take it to new heights. LVMH Luxury Ventures has taken a minority stake in Aimé Leon Dore.

Another day, another fine investment in the Carter household.

If projections are correct, Nas could earn anywhere between $30 and $220 million dollars; head inside for details.

Mr. Carter is worth a billion dollars at this point, but that doesn't mean he's done stacking.

The Well

It’s awkward. Asking your parents whether they’re leaving you any money when they die may feel self-serving, entitled or even down right embarrassed. But there are some realities that are even more harsh. They will pass on. And unless your familial unit works on generational financial stability, you will likely struggle as much as your […]

New York-based green tea shop MatchaBar announced on Wednesday that it will release a new and improved Better Energy drink in conjunction with Whole Foods. Unexpectedly, Drake is a part of the deal too.