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While most of us are impatiently waiting for the return of FX’s Atlanta and HBO’s Insecure — two shows taking a year-long break — there is some good news on the horizon. Netflix has finally announced a premiere date of its show Dear White People. 

Dear White People is about the experiences of a group of black students who struggle through a myriad of interpersonal and racially charged conflicts on the fictional Ivy League campus, Winchester University.

Season 2 ended with what seemed like the entire black community on campus showing up to protest Rikki Carter’s speech while Samantha (Logan Browning) and Lionel (DeRon Horton) searched for a secret society on the Winchester campus — Order of X. When Sam and Lionel get to the meeting spot, no one is there. They begin flipping out until a figure emerges from the shadows. It’s Giancarlo, the show’s narrator, and that’s where we’re left off.

The show’s third season, which will be released in its entirety on August 2, will take place in the Spring instead of the Fall like the first two seasons. In Season 3, we should learn about what Giancarlo’s role in the Order of X, if he even has one, and what’s next for CoCo, Troy and the rest of the crew.

Following Season 2, Justin Simien, the show’s creator, told EW that he won’t say anything about the Order of X, but loved including the narrator in the story.

“Now whether or not they’re real and whether or not Giancarlo has anything to do with that, I won’t say, but I will say I was salivating at the thought of [putting] the narrator in the narrative,” he said.

To announce the premiere date of Dear White People, some members of the cast weighed in on an age-old debate: sweet or savory grits. You can watch the video below: