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LaVar Ball Says Molly Qerim's Mind Was "In The Gutter"

Source: Allen Berezovsky / Getty

The “drama” between LaVar Ball and Molly Qerim has been given more life thanks to Ball. Last week Qerim’s employer, ESPN announced that it would be banning the patriarch of the Ball family going forward as a result of his inappropriate comment when he told the First Take host she could  “You can switch gears with me anytime” on the June 17 episode. He is now striking back at critics and claims he was misconstrued and that Qerim’s mind was “in the gutter.”

Ball held no punches when defending himself when asked by a Twitter user about the situation. The head of the BBB responded:

“I meant no sexual intent … ‘Switch gears’ means changing topics to me. Her mind in the gutter if she thinking something else. Only time I hit on her is if she’s breaking into my house and I mistake her for the Boogeyman.”

He even used the impromptu moment to respond to being banned by ESPN, question how is that even possible being that he is not an employee?

“How am I going to be banned? I don’t work for them. Said I’m going to be banned from ESPN? I got my own show.”

If you didn’t know, Ball and his three sons have a Facebook reality show, Ball in The Family that gives fans an up close and personal look at the daily lives of the basketball-centered family. We can only assume that we will be getting a response from Qerim or her husband and fellow ESPN co-worker Jalen Rose. Our eyes will be locked-in on their Twitter timelines as well as their respective platforms to see if they give Ball some of their time.

We won’t be shocked if LaVar Ball touches on the topic again, in the coming days because someone is going to ask him about it.