The famed WNBA athlete takes up space and we love to see it. Head inside.

The Men’s and Women’s 2024 NCAA March Madness has come to a close, and it did monster numbers… well, at least the women’s competition did. It was clear this year that with personalities and talented players like Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese and Juju Watkins among others, the ladies were the more entertaining bracket to invest […]

Stephen A. Smith is always quick to comment on sports-related drama, so when a rumor about him dropped yesterday, he had something to say. Yesterday, it was alleged that Smith and fellow ESPN show host Pat McAfee had gotten into an argument so heated that McAfee called Smith a “motherf-cker.” The story originally appeared on […]

Let's say you want to watch football and have cut the cord from cable. Where do you go to do it? That question once had a simple answer - to one of the three major networks that carried NFL games -  CBS, Fox and NBC.


The world of sports streaming is going to get simpler. 

Stephen A. Smith warned viewers yesterday that they were in a wild episode of The Stephen A. Smith Show. And he delivered. Smith has been at war with Jason Whitlock for years but often refrained from name-dropping or eviscerating him, but that all changed last night when Smith went on an uncharacteristic rant calling him […]


Josh Giddey is the one under investigation, but Malika Andrews is catching all the heat on social media for a ridiculous reason.

Stephen A. Smith has entered the chat. The First Take frontman is usually on the front lines of any hot topic or sports debate, but he’s been notably quiet over Josh Giddey. The Oklahoma City Thunder guard is fighting allegations that he had an inappropriate relationship with a minor after photos with a young woman […]

The NFL season kicks off in less than two weeks, and the league is ready to curate the vibes. A dose of serotonin might kick in when the NFL anthem plays, and now the NFL has enlisted Timbaland and Justin Timberlake to make its musical selections more memorable. The superstar tag team will now be […]

It turns out Sage Steele doesn’t just get endlessly bullied on social media, it happens in real life, too. However, it wasn’t just a disgruntled ESPN viewer that had smoke with her, it was none other than Barbara Walters. The late legendary journalist –who was also the mastermind behind The View– allegedly had an issue […]

Since Shannon Sharpe announced he’s be departing Skip Bayless’ Uninterrupted in June, fans dreamed of this day. It was reported Thursday by the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand that Sharpe would team up with Stephen A. Smith to cohost ESPN’s First Take. “Shannon Sharpe will square off against Stephen A. Smith on Mondays and Tuesdays […]