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Meek Mill

Source: @JustInMyView / R1 Digital

Meek Mill was honored when he heard Beyoncé said “Free Meek” on a track.

Now Beyonce’s husband, Hov, is producing an Amazon series where Meek will be the subject. It’s called, you guessed it, Free Meek.

The five-episode series, produced by Hov himself, will chronicle Meek’s questionable 2017 incarceration. The mini-series documents Meek’s journey shortly after his release from jail, and follows his emergence as a leader in prison reform.

In November 2017, Meek Mill was arrested in New York City following a traffic stop for popping a wheelie on a motorcycle. The charge was ultimately dismissed, but because Meek was arrested while on probation, he was charged with violating probation, and sentenced to serve two to four years for probation violation — so he was charged with a crime that ultimately was dismissed, but was still sentenced to prison. It’s certainly time to take a look at some of the laws.

Free Meek takes a dive into the formation of the #FreeMeek movement and the assimilation of the REFORM Alliance. According to their website, the main mission of the REFORM Alliance is to move out at least one million people who are unjustly in the criminal justice system within the next five years. They also aim to change laws and policies that consistently place innocent people in the system.

Along with highlighting the REFORM Alliance, the mini series will investigate the possibility of dirty cops, planted evidence, and possible extortion by the criminal justice system upon Meek.

All five episodes will be released on Amazon on August 9.