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Is Lil Nas X Releasing a Young Thug “Old Town Road” Remix?

That’s what fans are thinking, especially after Nas teased the possibility on Twitter.

“Is it too late!?” the “Panini” artist tweeted on Tuesday with a cowboy and snake emoji. The tweet comes after Young Thug teased a remix back in August, when he shared a clip for what was said to be his verse on the song.

Guess we’ll have to stay tuned.

Nike’s Betsy Ross Shoes Are Still Selling for $2,500 After the Colin Kaepernick Recall.

TMZ reports that there are several leaked pairs of Nike’s recalled Betsy Ross sneaker floating around, some of which are selling for as much as $2,500.

“We checked out the website StockX — a super popular streetwear auction site — and one pair of the Betsy Ross kicks sold for $2,501 … a Size 8,” TMZ shares. “Another seller claims they have a pair of Size 10s and they’re asking $6,974 — but who knows if they’ll actually get it.”

Meanwhile, #WalkAwayFromNike is trending on Twitter as certain folks express outrage over the company not selling the shoe.

Jussie Smollett Reportedly Walked Past the Osundairo Bros. Before His ‘Attack.’

New footage of the night Jussie Smollett was allegedly “attacked” is said to show Smollett walking by the Osundairo brothers before the incident. However, Jussie’s team tells TMZ that the footage was edited together and that at no point are they seen passing each other on camera.

“The video — first found by Matt Finn of Fox News — shows the icy street near Jussie’s apartment building sometime in the hour prior to the 2 AM attack on January 29. First, the brothers are seen walking side-by-side down the street. At one point they pass under a street light and you can see one of them wearing a red hat,” TMZ shares.

“A short while later, Jussie is seen walking in the opposite direction, North, on the same block heading in the direction of the Subway restaurant. For some reason, he’s walking down the middle of the street, and not on the sidewalk.”

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