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Over the course of the years, a lot has changed in the rap game. Rappers have come and gone, but Snoop Dogg is the one constant in the game. Snoop is the definition of an OG, and at this point, he is like a Godfather to the new guys. When Snoop speaks, you listen.

Snoop has spoken, and the LA-born rapper thinks Tekashi 69 should rot in jail.

It was reported that Tekashi has obtained a new lawyer for his racketeering case once Snoop got wind of it he stated his opinion.

As information that 69 has been cooperating with the police has been revealed to the masses, a lot of rappers are now turning their back on the colorful-haired rapper.

Thanks to the information that 69 has told criminal investigators, they have been able to build a case that has caused a lot of the other defendants to take plea deals, which is ideally what would happen when you’re serving as an informant.

The problem is, it’s been reported that 6ix9ine’s co-defendant Anthony “Harv” Ellison will take his case to trial. The reason that poses a serious problem for 69 is because if Harv’s case goes to trial, he will likely be required to testify in open court against Harv.

It’s one thing for reports to come out about you snitching, but it’s a whole different world when there will be court documents showing you on the stand, identifying this individual as someone who was committing a crime.

That enters territory that could put 69’s life in danger. Tekashi’s lawyers are scared of this exact thing happening.