2017 BET Awards - Backstage

Source: Neilson Barnard / Getty

BET put on a show to remember this weekend. From Migos to Jada Pinkett Smith, the Microsoft Theater was packed with Black royalty for the 2017 BET Awards in L.A. However, tons of drama went down, especially for Lil Kim.

According to TMZ, Lil Kim is a “person of interest” in a robbery that took place on Sunday. She reportedly rented a house for the the weekend, but allegedly got upset when it was not up to her standards. Here’s what law enforcement allegedly told TMZ:

“Kim rented a house for a BET weekend party but apparently the crib was not to her liking. We’re told Sunday at 2 a.m. Kim and her crew went to check out the house, didn’t like it and demanded their money back from either the owner or property manager. The money wasn’t forthcoming, an argument erupted and cops were called. Police arrived and told them it was a civil matter and they could do nothing … so they left. We’re told Kim and her crew also left, but at 4 a.m., a group of people showed up at the house with ski masks and weapons and got what they were after … Kim’s deposit check and cash, totaling at least $20k.”

Allegedly, the reported crime didn’t end there: “Law enforcement sources say the robbers weren’t done … they also slashed all of the victim’s tires and stole a hubcap.”

TMZ reports the LAPD launched an investigation. So far, no word from Kim.