Tupac Shakur Live In Concert

Source: Raymond Boyd / Getty

Jerry Foxhoven took his Tupac Shakur fandom to the max.

The Iowa Department of Human Services Director was asked to step down from his position as he frequently sent messages to his employees praising Tupac’s music and highlighting some of his lyrics. The tipping point came last month when he sent a similar email to all 4,300 employees at the agency.

According to USA Today, Foxhoven hosted weekly party’s that all had Tupac themes, and he would randomly cite Pac lyrics to workers throughout the day. He even went as far as having cookies made for his 65th birthday with the words “Thug Life” printed on them. The rapper famously had the words tattooed across his stomach.

The agency released upwards of 300 pages of email sent from Foxhaven containing the words Tupac or 2Pac during his tenure with the agency. Foxhoven was able to get away with this for so long because he was using Tupac’s songs and lyrics as a means to improve the work environment in the high-stress agency.

Most people who worked under Foxhoven praised him for his efforts to improve the work culture, but at least one person found it annoying, they complained to lawmakers on more than one occasion. I suppose simply asking not to be included in the chain would have been far too troublesome.

On June 17th Governor of Iowa Kim Reynolds asked Foxhooven to step down after getting wind of the 4,000 emails he sent out to the entire agency.