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Usually DJ Khaled is full of good vibes, positive energy, and is taking to social media to inspire people. But when he found out that his Father of Asahd album came in at Number 2 behind Tyler the Creator’s IGOR he took to Twitter last month to express his disappointment, and that disappointment showed he had a lot of salt.

“I make albums so people can play it and you actually hear it,” Khaled said at the time. “You know, driving your car, you hear another car playing it. You know, go to the barbershop, you hear them playing it.”


In an interview with Apple Music, Tyler expressed how pleased he was with how the album performed commercially.

“I don’t make shit to be first week or be radio or whatever, but for this work of art and that album cover and these videos and me doing this suit wig thing and having these progressions and this distorted this and that, and these melodies and this stuff like that.”

Tyler also said how honored he was to finish ahead of Khaled when he has some of the top artists in the industry on his album.

“And this is no disrespect to Khaled or anyone, but this ni**a had every person in the industry, everyone on that f***ing album. Everyone. Everyone. Cardi B. 21 Savage. Travis Scott. Post Malone. Beyoncé. Jay. Everyone who sells billions of records and the fact that I beat him with this that isn’t parallel to all the popping music right now was fucking crazy, bro.”

Tyler the Creator initially responded on IG by slightly trolling Khaled. Tyler replied to DJ Akademiks post about the incident with the comment “HIS MSG SHOW SOLD OUT BUT FR I HAVE NEVER HEARD A TYLER SONG IN MY LIFE.”

Tyler is referencing his appearance at MSG on September 12th to which tickets are currently sold out, and only available on third party sites.

“IGOR” sold roughly 165,000 total album-equivalent units in its first week, while “Father Of Asahd” sold around 132,000.